Get Organized & Go Green With e-Services

Have you ever noticed all the clutter that can build up from junk mail, paper bills, receipts, and outdated paperwork? It can be hard to stay organized (and sane) with all those piles of important papers laying around one's house. But don't worry, we have solutions to the piles-of-papers chaos! Our Free Shred Days will... Continue Reading →

You just finished your last class of the day and you grab your mail as you enter your dorm building. Awesome — you’ve got a check from your parents for a little weekend fun! But wait, your Advia branch is back in your hometown, 2 hours away. How will you get your cash by tomorrow???... Continue Reading →

Don’t let the holidays stress you out! We’ve found some helpful solutions to common holiday dilemmas that will help stuff your stocking with joy (and maybe even some cash!). Holiday Dilemma #1: Your Brother Wants to “Go In On” a Present for Your Father, but He Still Hasn’t Paid You for Last Year’s Gift. Person-to-Person... Continue Reading →

The future is here with new wireless payment options Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay -- what’s the big deal anyway? By now you’ve probably heard your financial institution talk about these products, but are you still wondering how they are truly “transforming the way you pay?” When you look at them closely, you may... Continue Reading →

Technology is improving customer service and making a big impact on how we bank Did you know that mobile banking is fast becoming the most popular way to bank worldwide?  Not exactly earth shattering news, is it? It’s probably safe to say, however, that the days of driving to the bank, credit union or even... Continue Reading →

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