COVID-19 Fraud Protection

In a time when we need to band together (but separately) for the greater good, Advia is here for you! Our valued members and the security of their money are our top priorities. And right now, unfortunately, scammers are using Coronavirus (COVID-19) to prey on the fear of consumers and their financial assets. The best... Continue Reading →

Advia Advice: Staying Safe Online

Updated October 27, 2021 At Advia, we take fraud and identity theft seriously and want to protect our members and their money. Know that we will never contact you and ask for your Credit or Debit Card number, 3-digit code on the back of your card, full account number, or Digital Banking login ID. If... Continue Reading →

Get Organized & Go Green With e-Services

Have you ever noticed all the clutter that can build up from junk mail, paper bills, receipts, and outdated paperwork? It can be hard to stay organized (and sane) with all those piles of important papers laying around one's house. But don't worry, we have solutions to the piles-of-papers chaos! Our Free Shred Days will... Continue Reading →

6 Tips for Winning This Tax Season

While the holiday season may be a little more fun, tax season has its perks too. Some people love filing their taxes — they expect a big payout of cash for their hard work the previous year. Some people find the process exhausting, looking through old receipts, organizing documents — what a mess! No matter... Continue Reading →

With the evolution of technology, fraudsters are getting trickier on ways they look to obtain people's information. One growing trend we're seeing is the placement of a Card Skimmer onto an ATM or debit/credit card reader to extract your card number, expiration date, and full name from your card’s magnetic strip in order replicate your... Continue Reading →

The holidays can be such a wonderful time, allowing us to show our love and appreciation for those important to us!  It’s exciting to see the light in someone’s eyes when they open that special package that you know holds the perfect gift.  But there could be a downside you don’t expect -  it’s that... Continue Reading →

Roll down the windows and crank the stereo – just don’t forget to plan ahead Summer might be winding down but you’ve still got time to grab some R&R before the kids head back to school. Whether you’re heading to Disneyland or just a few hours down the road, taking steps to protect your identity... Continue Reading →

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