Ready to take the next step of buying a home? There can be so many decisions and questions. ‘What’s best for my family and lifestyle?’ ‘Is there one kind of mortgage?’ ‘Is building better than buying?’ The list can go on, but lucky for you, Advia can help sort it out. Element 1: Typical Process... Continue Reading →

What’s Your New Year’s Resolutions? Will 2017 be the year you stop biting your fingernails, start hitting the gym consistently AND cutting back on your double espressos? And could it also be the year you get serious about improving your financial health, which is as important as your physical and emotional wellbeing. Experts agree that... Continue Reading →

You’re certainly not alone if you haven’t completed your holiday shopping yet. Did you know that nearly a third of us wait until the last minute to complete our holiday purchases every year?  And while you may have passed on your weekly yoga class during this hectic and stressful season, go ahead and take some... Continue Reading →

Take charge of your finances and stop overspending In times of crisis – the transmission goes out, the mini tornado brings down the 100-year-old tree in your backyard – you don’t want to be shaking pennies out of a piggy bank to pay unexpected bills. Having a financial safety net in place can ensure that... Continue Reading →

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