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One way Advia provides security to our members is free credit monitoring through SavvyMoney. With SavvyMoney, our members can safely monitor their credit score, view their credit report, receive special offers, and be on the look out for fraudulent activity. This free tool can be accessed via smartphone or desktop using Advia’s Digital Banking. Note: it is recommended to only log in from devices that you trust using secure WiFi.

Monitor Your Credit Score and Review Your Credit Report

SavvyMoney is a great way to monitor your credit score every day without damaging it. Oversee your credit details such as payment history, credit usage, total balances, credit age, and recent credit. Having an excellent credit score may help borrowers receive:

  • Lower interest rates on loans
  • Approval for higher credit limits
  • Improved car insurance rates
  • A better chance of getting a job
  • Smaller or zero security deposits on rental properties

For more information about improving your credit score, how your score affects you, and more, check out our “Take Control Of Your Credit Score” blog. You can also talk to one of Advia’s Certified Financial Counselors about healthy personal finance habits. This could include a Credit Builder Loan, Debt Consolidation, or simply skipping your loan payment for extra needed cash.

Start monitoring your credit score with SavvyMoney, today!

ID Theft Prevention

SavvyMoney is a valuable resource to reduce the risk of identity theft. By closely monitoring your credit score, you’ll notice any major hits to your score in a timely manner and be able to investigate accordingly. By checking the “Credit Usage” section in SavvyMoney, you can monitor your credit report for unknown purchases made with your credit cards, retail cards, and other accounts. Save yourself time and money by always being aware of all activity on your accounts!

For even more security, enroll in Visa® Alerts. Get notified via mobile or email every time your Visa® Debit or Credit Card is used. You can also enroll in Account Alerts within Account Services of Digital Banking. Simply set up to receive notifications for various account activity.

Learn more about SavvyMoney, Visa® Alerts, or features within Digital Banking.

SavvyMoney Saves You Money With Special Offers

Through SavvyMoney, members can view personalized offers for loans. Based on the member’s credit score, loan offers can be viewed based on the loan amount and term to show the interest rate and estimated monthly payment. New loans include Credit Cards, Auto Loans, Personal Loans, and more! As a member’s credit score improves, they may qualify for better rates or even more offers!

Opt-in SavvyMoney via Digital Banking to see your refinance offers today!

As you can see, SavvyMoney Credit Score is a great tool to help keep you on top of your credit score and overall financial health. It also allows members to improve their credit score, lower their monthly loan payments, and save big on interest —  now that’s win-win!

Have additional questions about the different topics featured in the blog: Savvy Money, identity theft, credit score, or any of our other products? We’re here to help! Just visit adviacu.org, log in to Digital Banking, ask Ava, or simply give us a call at 844.ADVIA.CU.

Some products and services may vary based on geographical region. Offer subject to change at any time. Rates and terms may vary based on creditworthiness of borrower and term of loan. Floor rates and restrictions apply. All loans subject to credit approval. Advia is an Equal Opportunity Lender.


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