Take Control of Holiday Debt

As you vacuum up the last of the pine needles and wrapping-paper scraps, you may be reminiscing about the amazing Holiday Season you just had. Everyone loved their presents, the kids freaked out about the toys under the tree, and you served a smorgasbord of food that would have impressed Martha Stewart herself. While the pictures and memories of the Holiday Season keep you smiling, the balance on your credit card has you flinching. Don’t worry. Keep the happiness going and conquer that high-interest holiday debt with our Debt Consolidation Options.

Whether you opened a store card to save money at checkout or ended up using your backup credit card to make purchases, we can help you transfer that high-interest debt into a more manageable monthly payment.

A Debt Consolidation Option to Fit Anyone’s Lifestyle:

Our Debt Consolidation Options Have the Features You Want:

90 Days Payment Free

Take a break from payments for a little while to bulk up your Savings Account. Currently, both our Auto Loans and Signature Loans offer $0 payments for 90 days!1

Want to simply take a holiday from your current Advia loan payments? You can with our Loan Skip Pay option.2  It won’t negatively affect your credit score and can be completed right within Digital Banking! Simply log in to Digital Banking, then on the left-hand menu bar choose Services, then Loan Skip Payment. This can be done up to one (1) business day before your loan is due.

No Balance Transfer Fees

Our Debt Consolidation Options offer a $0 balance transfer fee, so you can bring over old debt to Advia without having to pay for it.3  Transfer high-interest auto loans, personal loans, credit cards, or store cards to start saving on monthly payments!

With a Visa® Platinum Credit Card, transferring a balance is a click away. Once you have your new Advia Visa (cards can be instantly issued in branch) enroll and create an account online at https://adviacu.mycardinfo.com. After, log in and select Account Services, then Balance Transfer. Follow the prompts to transfer over your balance from any of your high-interest credit cards and start saving!

Lower Interest Rates

It’s easy to open that store card at checkout to save 20%. Or to add up a balance on your high-interest emergency credit card (we know a holiday wardrobe emergency still counts as an emergency!). However, no matter the reason for the balance, we can help lower your monthly payments by lowering your interest rate. Currently, our Visa Platinum Credit Cards have an intro APR as low as 3.99%,4 our Home Equity Lines of Credit offers a rate as low as 5.00% APR5, and our Signature Loan warrants security with a set, fixed payment every month. Continue to learn about our Debt Consolidation Options and features online!

Flexible Payment Terms

While a goal may be to have your holiday debt paid off by next Christmas, our flexible term options give you the ability to choose the term that fits your lifestyle. We want to ensure you feel in control of any high balances and create a repayment plan that is manageable on a monthly basis. Additionally, our Loan Experts can provide financial advantages to help continue to grow your savings and manage your bills easily each month.

Help When You Need It

Not sure which Debt Consolidation Options is the best for your current situation? Easily make an appointment with one of our Loan Experts today to discuss the best options for you and how you can go about lowering your monthly payments.

Are you simply looking for help with monthly budgeting so you can pay all your bills and still save a little each month? At Advia, we have Certified Credit Counselors that can help you make a plan to manage those monthly bills and even put a little money away into a Savings Account or CD. Contact a Certified Credit Counselor today.

High-interest loans mean large monthly payments. Don’t let those large monthly balances wreak havoc on your wallet or credit score. Consolidate your debt to get back on track this new year, avoid late or missed payments, and start improving your credit score. Ditch your old debt and start celebrating the new year with our Debt Consolidation Options!

1 No payments for 90 days is an optional feature for Auto and Signature loans; not all applicants will qualify. Interest begins to accrue at the time of loan disbursement. 2 A processing fee of $25.00 applies to each skipped loan unless prohibited by law. Skip payments are not eligible on Mortgages, Home Equity Loans or Lines of Credit, VELOCs (Visa Equity Line of Credit), Visa Credit Cards, Personal Lines of Credit, Business Loans, Business Lines of Credit, or any delinquent loan. Interest will continue to accrue and will be calculated on the outstanding balance. Skipped payments will extend the loan maturity date. All loans must be current to qualify (most recent monthly payment due paid in full). Skip payments are not permitted if the initial six (6) monthly payments have not been made. Skipped payments may reduce any GAP insurance claim on insured vehicle loans. All other terms and provisions of original note remain unchanged and in full force and effect. 3 Does not apply if an appraisal is required on a Home Equity Line of Credit. 4 Introductory Annual Percentage Rate (APR) on purchases/balance transfers made during the first six (6) months from opening/issuance of your card. On first day of new billing cycle following promotional period of six (6) months for purchases & one (1) year on balance transfers, standard variable APR and fees will apply. Variable Card APR will be 10.50% to 18.00%, based on creditworthiness; this APR will vary with the market based on the Prime Rate. Fixed Card APR will be 8.90% to 16.90%, based on creditworthiness. Advia applies a penalty on promotional rates for late or missed payments. 5 Variable rate tied to Prime Rate and rate indicated reflects .50% below prime based on credit worthiness of borrower(s) at time of application along with loan to value of secured real estate. All loans subject to approval. Advia Credit Union is an Equal Housing Lender and Equal Opportunity Lender.

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