Let’s Celebrate Credit Union Week

October 18 is International Credit Union Day and at Advia, we’ve extended that day into a whole week! We want to take the time to celebrate what makes credit unions so great and how Advia specifically has put our core values and our mission to work to help our members and communities. Join us in celebrating Credit Union Week!


What is a credit union?

Not for Profit

Credit Unions are not-for-profit, member-owned financial institutions. Profits made by credit unions are returned back to members in the form of reduced fees, higher savings rates, and lower loan rates.*


The co-operative structure of credit unions creates a cycle of mutual assistance towards the common goal of the financial well-being of members. One member’s savings becomes another member’s loan. Credit unions focus on helping their members save, borrow, and receive affordable financial services.**

Member Owned

If you have an account with us, you’re an owner of Advia Credit Union. We are controlled by the people who use our services. You have a say in how we run our business and can vote at our annual member meeting.


How does Advia stand apart from the rest?

Advia's Mission

Advia Credit Union’s mission is to provide financial advantages. We look to proactively seek the quickest and easiest solutions available for members to maximize the financial value provided to them. Our name means something – we provide advice, we are member advocates, and we offer advantages. We do this via innovated financial solutions.

Credit Unions are member-owned, not-for-profit financial co-operatives, designed to offer lower cost financial products and services. Our industry has flourished since the philosophy of “people helping people” was founded with the first credit union in 1908. The services we offer are similar to those provided by banks, but our business philosophy differs in that our shareholders (our members) are provided return in the forms of lower service charges, better rates on deposits and loans, and free access to convenient services.

“Above all else, Advia wants the community to know that we aren’t just another credit union,” says Cheryl DeBoer, CEO. “We strive to serve our members holistically with convenient digital services, a competitive mix of great savings options, 3% Checking, low-rate loans, and a variety of mortgage options, all while keeping people at the core of everything we do.”


Advia Core Values

Living to Advia Credit Union’s core values has helped to position us within the top 3% of credit unions nationally in terms of financial soundness and asset size. Now serving over 140,000 members with assets over $1.6 billion, we are poised to bring even better advantages to our communities and members.

One way Advia keeps people at our core is through our ACTION (Advancing Community Ties In Our Neighborhoods) Hours Program. We provide paid time off to employees each year, so they can volunteer at non-profit organizations in our communities. Advia employees have embraced this program and as of September, over 1,300 hours have been used at 99 different organizations.

“We created this program because our team members are passionate about their communities and are seeking ways to give back and build relationships,” says DeBoer. “We’ve challenged our team to reach 2,400 hours, and right now we are on pace to exceed that number. It is amazing.”

Our sense of community extends beyond volunteerism to the Advia Foundation. Created in 2014, the foundation provides financial advantages by enhancing financial literacy, furthering education, and improving overall quality of life in the communities we serve. Just this year, the foundation has given over $40,000 in the form of educational scholarships and donations to non-profit organizations. Later this fall, the Advancing Lives Grant will be available for organizations and individuals to apply for funding.

“Our goal is to provide real advantages to real people through financial services and community involvement,” says DeBoer.

Advia's Service Promise

We stand behind our service promise and look to make a difference for every member, every time. We’re here to help.

If you’re ready to start experiencing the advantages of a Credit Union, contact us online, by phone, or stop by a local branch. We’re offering donuts and cider to all members through October 20, so it’s the perfect time to come visit us!

* https://www.mycreditunion.gov/about-credit-unions/Pages/How-is-a-Credit-Union-Different-than-a-Bank.aspx

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