How Refinancing Can Help You Sit Back, Relax, and Save This Summer

Summer’s not over yet. There’s still time for pool parties, vacations, boat rides, and relaxing on the beach. If those ideas had you cringing over the cost the last few months, it may be time to refinance. Summer is for fun, not for big payments. Luckily, we have a way to help you save an average of $3,400* and get back to the summer excitement!

Combine And Save

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Refinance Options Available

Like the idea of saving $3,400? Who wouldn’t! We have the best refinance options to help lower and combine payments on your high-interest loans:

Auto LoansSignature LoansHome Equity Line of CreditVisa® Platinum Credit Cards

How Refinancing Lowers Your Monthly Payments

At Advia, we make it pretty simple to save. If you have one or more high-interest loans that you get hung up on, or simply want to merge payments, we can help you combine your loans and lower your payments to one manageable payment over a term that works for you.

What is a high-interest loan? Go find your loan statement or bill, if you have a car loan with an interest rate higher than 5%, call us. If you have a personal loan with an interest rate in the teens, call us. We’ll look to lower your monthly payment by lowering your interest rate and possibly adjusting your loan terms. And your loan may even come payment free for 90 days!

Check out our current rates to see how your loan compares.

Calculate Your New Payment

Want to see how much you will be saving with a lower interest rate? Enter our current available rate plus your current loan balance into our loan payment calculator to see what your new payment will be.

See What Other Members Are Saying

Kathie J. Saved $4,200

I was shocked when I was able to save $4,200. I never expected that, it was just great for us. The additional savings was great, because I have wanted to pay my car off So I had Advia keep my loan payment the same every month and I am going to be able to pay my car off quicker. The loan process was so easy. I was very easily walked through all the steps. Advia did all the work for me.

Can we take a guess? We’re guessing you’re ready to start the conversation about how you can save money. That’s great! We have plenty of ways to start this process. Schedule an appointment online to talk with a Loan Specialist about your options. Already know what you want to do? Apply for a loan online today and start saving!

Don’t waste your summer on big payments. Simply transfer your loans today and start experiencing the summer you deserve (and can easily afford)!

Add Bonus for New Members

New members can earn $100 after they transfer a loan.** Discover the additional rewards of being an Advia member, like earning 3% on your Checking Account!
*Estimated savings based on 2017 member savings. **Subject to change at any time. Must become a member between 6/1-10/31/2018, transfer a loan within 30 days after opening membership, and reach Advantage, Advantage Plus or e-Checking within 90 days of account opening. $100 to be deposited to members Share Savings Account within 45 days of meeting qualifications. Auto and Signature Loans qualify for 90 days payment free. Interest begins at time of loan disbursement. Valid 6/1-10/31/2018. No additional Member Advantage Program or automatic payment discounts apply. Promotional offer excludes loans currently held with Advia Credit Union, as well as transferred mortgage, home equity, and business loans. All loans subject to approval. Advia Credit Union is an Equal Opportunity Lender.


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