Advia Foundation Grant Final Report

Please answer the following questions on organization letterhead and submit to along with all other required materials. This report must be signed by the Advancing Lives Grant Recipients’ Board Chairperson or Executive Director. If you are an individual completing this report, please have the Project Director sign the report.

The report is due within thirty (30) days of the program or project completion. If the funds are to be used for a specific program or project, we request that you include photos, testimonials, and outcomes of the program or project. If the program or project is ongoing, please provide your report within one (1) year of receiving the Advancing Lives Grant. Organizations will not be able to apply for future funding until the report is complete.

  • Organization Name
  • Report Date
  • Grant Award Date
  • Amount of Grant
  • Purpose of the Grant
  • Full contact information for the Executive Director or Board President
  • Were the grant funds used for the purpose of the grant?
  • Was the grant purpose accomplished?
  • Were the funds sufficient to accomplish the purpose of the grant?
  • What lessons were learned in implementing the grant?
  • Please provide measurable outcomes you gathered while implementing the program or project.
  • How did you publicize the project or program? Please provide examples of articles, news coverage, newsletters, etc.
  • Please provide photos and/or video of the program or project.
  • Please provide testimonials from stakeholders involved with the program or project.

All items requested may be used by Advia Credit Union and/or the Advia Foundation in press releases, social media, website, and other communication channels.

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