Make Your Summer Vacation Great With These 8 Helpful Tips

Vacations can be so much fun but also a bit stressful when unexpected issues arise. We can’t make your kids sit still (and silently) for the whole car ride or prevent any traffic jams, but we can give you some helpful tips on how to save money before and during your summer vacation.

1. Send us a Travel Notification Form

If you’re leaving the state, please submit a Travel Notification Form so we know the irregular activity in your account is really you and not fraud. Our job is to keep an eye out for any suspicious account activity and protect your account accordingly. Give us a heads up before you leave so you’ll be able to easily access your money while on vacation.

2. Look for no-fee ATMs

While on the topic of easy access to your money, make sure you use our Fee-Free ATM Locator so you don’t get stuck paying any ATM Fees. You can also text a street address, ZIP code, or City, State to 91989 to find the closest ATM. Don’t forget, you can always get cash back at the register when you use our Debit Card for a fast way to get cash.

3. Skip a Loan Payment for More Vacation Money

Have a vacation planned this summer but don’t know if you can afford all the fun? Skip a loan payment this summer using our Loan Skip Pay option within Digital Banking or online and free up some cash for vacation.

4. Take the 90 days Payment Free Auto Loan Option

Buying a new vehicle just for your awesome summer road trip? Take advantage of our 90 days free from payments with our Auto and RV Loans and take a summer vacation from payments!¹

5. Don’t just buy gas, earn points!

Get our Visa Platinum Advantage Points Card and earn rewards on different categories as well as 1% on all purchases!²

6. Use Our Mobile Banking App

Keep an eye on your account balance while you’re traveling with our Digital Banking Mobile App. Keep your money accessible no matter where you are. Transfer funds between accounts, view your Credit Cards, and schedule any payments that you may have forgotten before you left.

7. Grow Your Savings to Earn More for Vacation

If you’re a planner on a budget, open a 3% APY Smart Saver CD³ well before your planned vacation. Not only is this an easy way to save, it allows you to earn a great return on your money too, giving you extra spending cash on your next vacation.

Do you like the idea of earning a high interest rate but don’t like the idea of having your money unavailable in a CD? Then open our Ultimate Savings Account which will earn you 1.50% APY while still allowing continued access to your cash. Earn 1.50% APY on your money during the promotional period! After that, continue earning a premium rate on savings over $100,000.*

8. Make Big Memories, Not Big Payments

Before you plan your next big adventure, analyze the loan or credit card payments you’re currently making. We can help you combine your high-interest payments into one low monthly payment to save a ton in interest. Think of all the money that frees up for a perfect vacation! Simply transfer your loans today.

By following these tips, we think your vacation will be full of wonderful memories and not stressful moments. If you have any other questions about how to prep your finances before a vacation, please contact us!

¹Interest begins to accrue at the time of disbursement. Floor rates apply.
²Earn rewards when you use your card to make purchases; minus returns, credits, & adjustments (“Net Purchases”). The following transactions are not considered Net Purchases & will not earn rewards: Balance Transfers & Cash Advances (each as defined in your Credit Card Agreement), fees, interest charges, & fraudulent transactions. Earn 1% cash back (equal to $0.01) for every $1 of Net Purchases charged to the card each billing cycle for accounts in good standing. The minimum cash reward redemption in a single transaction is $50.00 & the maximum is $800.00. Rewards expire three years from the time they are earned. The Visa Cardholder Agreement can be viewed at Allow up to two billing cycles for bonus rewards to post to account. Restrictions may apply. 3 Annual Percentage Yield. Minimum $50 to open, with a maximum deposit of $5,000. Subject to early withdrawal penalty. Dividends will be paid monthly. Limited one per account. This product is not available for Business Accounts or IRA CDs. Upon maturity CD will deposit into Savings Account.  *Promotional rate available for four statement cycles; no minimum balance required during promotional period; limited to one per account. No additional Member Advantage Program rate incentives may be applied. 2 After the promotional period, a minimum $500 daily balance is required to earn dividends; the standard tiered rates will apply: $500-$99,999 = 0.15% APY; $100,000-$249,999 = 1.00% APY; $250,000+ = 1.45% APY. Rates effective as of May 1, 2019 and subject to change at any time. Federally insured by NCUA.

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