Get Road Trip Ready With 12 Road Safety Tips

Summer is here and that means vacations, road trips, and long car rides! Make your trip a success and stay safe on the road with these helpful tips.

1. Check your tire pressure

Make sure your tires are at the right pressure—even the spare. Keeping your tires inflated to the proper pressure could save you up to 3% in gas mileage as well as give you better control of your vehicle.* Check out this helpful video about the best way to inflate your tires!

New Car Feature: Tire Pressure Monitoring System: Your car will display your tires’ current pressure and alert you when your tire pressure is low.

2. Be prepared

Keep tools and jumper cables in your car in case of emergencies. Amazon offers quite a few affordable options and you can earn 5% back on Amazon purchases with our Advantage Points Credit Card.¹

3. Be aware of road construction

Slow down and drive carefully in work zones. To avoid getting stuck in a construction zone, check out Google Maps or Waze in the App Store or Google Play. They both provide real time insights into your selected route and can alert you if there is a quicker way based on traffic. But remember, it is illegal to use your phone during work zones in some states, so if you’re using an app or GPS device, have a co-pilot help out.

4. Plan for stops

Plan frequent stops for kids (and you!) to stretch their legs and get fresh air. Also, stock up on snacks, books, and games for the kids to stay entertained. You could even add a few fun rest stops to your journey!

5. Stay Alert on the long drive

Share the driving responsibility with another person. Make them co-pilot and put them in charge of directions – and snacks! If you have to drive alone, crack the window and keep the cruise control off. Having to focus on maintaining your speed will help keep you awake and focused.

New Car Feature: Adaptive Cruise Control: If you are using cruise control and another car enters your lane or you catch up to the car in front of you, it will apply the brakes.

6. Secure your items

Stow away any items that could become projectile if you are forced to stop suddenly. This includes beverages, make sure all lids are on very securely.

7. Turn on your headlights

It’s the law in all states to turn on headlights when visibility is low (some states require headlights when the windshield wipers are on also).

New Car Feature: Automatic Headlights and Rain-Sensing Windshield Wipers: Your car will automatically turn on the windshield wipers at the correct speed depending on the precipitation.

8. Don’t drive distracted

Checking your phone, eating, or looking at yourself in the mirror can cause accidents. Looking at your phone for 5 seconds while traveling at 55 mph can cause you to drive almost 400 feet blind.** Pay attention to your surroundings and pull over if you need to take your eyes off the road.

New Car Feature: Lane Departure Warning and Lane-Keeping Assist: You will be warned with a beep or visual cue if you drift from your lane so you can realign.

9. Check blind spots

Make sure to check all of your blind spots when changing lanes and use a turn signal.

New Car Feature: Blind Spot Warning: Your car’s system will scan the rear corners of the vehicle and light up your side mirrors when it detects a vehicle in the zone.

10. Be careful when backing up

Scan the area before backing up and make sure to use your mirrors.

New Car Feature: Back Up Cameras: As you reverse, you can watch your path on a screen on your dashboard and will hear a beeping if an item enters into your path so you can apply the brake or avoid the collision.

11. Adhere to Car Seat Regulations

Do you have children under the age of 10? Make sure you know the car seat rules for your state, but also any state you’re driving into. Follow this guide for laws and fines in each state. Need help installing your car seat? Watch these helpful videos or visit your local Police or Fire Station to have someone perform a car seat check.

12. Don’t follow too closely

Follow the car ahead of you at a safe distance. Best practice is to follow the 3 Second Rule: You should pass the same landmark (road sign, tree) 3 seconds after the car in front of you.

New Car Feature: Forward Collision Warning: If you come up behind a slower or stopped vehicle without signs of braking, the Forward Collision Warning system will alert you that an impact is imminent so you can apply the brakes.

Did you keep seeing New Car Feature and think, I wish I had those options? They are pretty awesome! Cars keep evolving to better serve our needs for a smooth, safe ride. If your car doesn’t currently offer the amazing features we discussed above, you may want to upgrade.

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We hope you have a memorable summer filled with fun, safe road trips!

¹5X Bonus Points valid for Visa Platinum with Advantage Points Credit Card purchases in select categories: Gas and Grocery up to $1,500 in combined purchases and up to $1,500 in combined Amazon purchases April 1 — September 30, 2018. Any purchase amount that exceeds $1,500 in either category will earn the standard 1% back. Amazon purchases exclude subscription and subsidiary services including but not limited to: Amazon Prime Membership Renewal, Audible, Amazon Pantry and Kindle. Grocery purchases exclude wholesale retailers. Offer subject to change at any time. All new loans subject to approval. Gas MCC code 5541, 5542. Groceries MCC Code 5411
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