8 Holiday Dilemmas Solved!

Don’t let the holidays stress you out! We’ve found some helpful solutions to common holiday dilemmas that will help stuff your stocking with joy (and maybe even some cash!).

Holiday Dilemma #1: Your Brother Wants to “Go In On” a Present for Your Father, but He Still Hasn’t Paid You for Last Year’s Gift.

Person-to-Person (P2P) is the perfect solution to get a quick and easy payment from those “forgetful” relatives! P2P payments are a fast and easy way for him to pay up before you make that purchase. All you need is your recipient’s email address or mobile phone number to send the funds from your debit card. They don’t even need to be an Advia member.

Holiday Dilemma #2: Your Great Aunt Still Sends You Paper Checks – It’s Almost 2018 for Crying Out Loud!

There is no need to face the cold when you have Remote Deposit Anywhere! With our Remote Deposit Anywhere, you can deposit those checks from home, sitting by the fireplace, drinking hot cocoa, in your pajamas! Simply log in to Digital Banking on your phone to deposit those checks anytime, anyplace.

Holiday Dilemma #3:   You’re Always Broke after the Holidays, So Why Even Buy Presents?

Are you ready to make an easy $50? The Advia Advantage Referral program makes it easy for you to share the advantage with your friends and family members. To get started, simply provide their name and email address on adviacu.org. Once they qualify, you and your referral will earn $50, helping you both out with holiday shopping! The best part? There’s no limit as to how much you can earn.

Holiday Dilemma #4: You’re Ending 2017 Responsibly by Paying Bills Before Buying Presents. The Problem Is, There Isn’t Much Left to Buy Presents.

Have you heard of our Holiday Loan Skip Pay? Just fill out our online form via Digital Banking and request to skip your loan payment this month.* Now you can be responsible and buy presents – win win!

Holiday Dilemma #5:  The Advia Branch Is Closed on December 25 AND YOU NEED TO TRANSFER FUNDS FROM YOUR SAVINGS ACCOUNT for a Last Minute Gift!

Digital Banking is always available even when the branches are closed. Available via desktop, tablet, or smart phone, Advia is there with you wherever, whenever. New to Digital Banking? We have you covered. View demos and enroll online.

Holiday Dilemma #6: You Love to Shop and Buy Gifts, but Want to Receive More Perks for Purchases.

Shop ’til you drop and receive 5X Bonus Points for department store purchases when you use the Visa Platinum Advantage Points credit card! A little for your friend, a little for you!

Holiday Dilemma #7: Saving Money for the Holidays is Too Difficult!

Sign up for our Holiday Savings Club. You save a little bit all year (with interest!) and receive your cash in November! Set up automatic transfers and grow your holiday fund with ease.

Holiday Dilemma #8: Your Significant Other Has Been Eyeing a New Bedroom Set for Months, but it’s Way out of Your Price Range!

No gift is too big with our Personal Loans. Terms are variable and rates are great. So go ahead, buy that over-the-top gift and be a holiday hero!

Take a deep breath and relax, Advia has the solutions to help make this holiday season a stress-free success!

All loans subject to approval. Rates and offers subject to change. Federally insured by NCUA. *A processing fee of $25.00 applies to each skipped loan unless prohibited by law. Skip payments are not eligible on Mortgages, Home Equity Loans or Lines of Credit, VELOCs (Visa Equity Line of Credit), Visa Credit Cards, Personal Lines of Credit, Business Loans, Business Lines of Credit, or any delinquent loan. Interest will continue to accrue and will be calculated on the outstanding balance. Skipped payments will extend the loan maturity date. All loans must be current to qualify (most recent monthly payment due paid in full). Skip payments are not permitted if the initial six (6) monthly payments have not been made. Skipped payments may reduce any GAP insurance claim on insured vehicle loans. All other terms and provisions of original note remain unchanged and in full force and effect.

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