Protecting Your Identity

Protecting Your Identity

On September 7, 2017, Equifax, a major credit reporting agency, reported a data breach on an estimated 143 million records. We want to also provide you with some answers to questions you may have about this as a member of Advia Credit Union. Have questions other than those addressed here? Simply call, chat or connect via email to us anytime to help you navigate questions about your own account and steps you can take to best protect your financial records and identity.

Questions You May Have About the Data Breach Reported by Equifax on September 7, 2017:

Does this affect me as a member of Advia?

While your Advia Credit Union account was not compromised resulting from this data breach, the following explains why you still may be at risk:

Your personal credit report is updated regularly, including financial behavior and identification details. Information is collected about your credit history both from creditors (including Advia Credit Union) as well as from public records. Then, your credit report is made available to current and potential creditors, employers, and others as permitted by law. This data breach can affect you – not only as a member of Advia Credit Union, but through any number of organizations that report to credit bureaus such as Equifax.

What is Advia doing to protect my identity?

As a member, we take your financial safekeeping and identity protection seriously. When you visit or call, we will take steps to confirm your identity before providing financial assistance. Our highly trained staff are equipped to identify potential account fraudulent activity and work to protect your information every day. Further, our digital banking solutions provide state of art layers of account security, including secure access code protection and other strong password requirements. Finally, our Fraud Monitoring Team works 24 hours a day to protect your financial security when making purchases with your Advia Debit or Credit Card.

What should I do to protect myself?

Equifax has established a website that you may visit to review if your information is suspected as being subject to the data breach, and to enroll into a credit monitoring service at no charge (please review all terms and disclosures provided by Equifax):

You are urged to regularly monitor your account activity on statements and within Advia’s 24-hour digital banking. Advia’s fraud monitoring team will contact you immediately if suspicious card activity is recognized, so having updated contact information such as phone, email and address is key to helping us protect you. This can be updated 24 hours a day within our digital banking solution.

What do I look for as potential signs of fraud?

Some of the key areas to watch for that could mean you’re the victim of identity theft or account takeover include the following:

  • Unanticipated collection calls or notices
  • Denial on applications based on your credit
  • Errors on your account statements and credit reports
  • Medical bills from doctor offices you haven’t visited

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