Why Do I Need a Secure Access Code?

We’re Adding a Layer of Security to Your Digital Banking Experience

Members are asking us about why we’re adding a Secure Access Code delivery to the introduction of our NEW Digital Banking experience. A Secure Access Code (SAC) is a randomly generated 6-digit code that will be sent to you by a method which only you can obtain (email, automated phone or text message) to confirm it’s actually you logging in to view and transact on your account.

What is the purpose/benefit of using a Secure Access Code (SAC)?

A Secure Access Code is a security feature that allows you to register a computer (or device) you are using for either “one-time” or “future on-going” use. If you frequently use a personal device to access Digital Banking, you can “register the device”, which allows Advia to recognize the device and browser you’re using. Once you have registered a device, enable cookies on your web browser to avoid entering a Secure Access Code each time. However, if the computer you use is public, or one which you do not regularly use, we recommend – for your security – that you “do not register” the device.

What happens if my Secure Access Code (SAC) targets are blank or incorrect?

You will need to call a member service representative at 844.238.4228 for assistance.

My Joint Account Holder needs a Secure Access Code delivered – Can you help?

Secure Access Codes can only be delivered to phone numbers and email addresses we have on record for the primary account holder.  If you have a joint account holder who’s registering their own device with your login credentials, they’ll want the SAC delivered to their own phone or email.  To help, following your initial login, click on Settings>Security Preferences>Secure Access Code Delivery and add their email, phone or text message delivery information.  If you do not add their delivery information, they’ll need to select one of your delivery options to receive their SAC (as a reminder, for added security, a SAC will expire in a short time frame less than 30 minutes).

Should I retain my Secure Access Code?

No.  Whenever you log in from an unrecognized computer or mobile device, we will send a randomly generated single-use Secure Access Code.

Will I retrieve a Secure Access Code each time to access Online Banking?

No, if you are accessing digital banking from a personal/trusted computer, you’ll just need to register that device and will no longer have to retrieve a Secure Access Code when accessing Online Banking from that device. However, you will retrieve a Secure Access Code each time you try to Login to Digital Banking from a device that is not registered.

Why might I be asked for a Secure Access Code if I have already registered my computer?

Your computer must allow cookies. Please check this in your browser settings. You may also need to add “secure.adviacu.org” to your trusted sites list. Note – in select other cases, you may be prompted for a secure access code (e.g., when performing transactions outside typical online activity).  Additionally, periodically we’ll prompt you to enter a SAC from a device you’ve registered as part of our continuous efforts to keep you and your money safe.

We’re Looking for a Cookie!

No, we’re not talking about a snack, our digital banking system checks for a “cookie” each time a member logs in.

If you’ve successfully logged in from your device in the past, and have chosen to “register” that specific device for logins, you should experience no interrupted access when logging in. However, if there is no cookie – if you did not choose for the device to be remembered upon next login – you’ll be prompted to go through the Secure Access Code process upon each login.

This may seem like an inconvenient step, but it’s an important one in protecting your financial records. Unfortunately, millions of dollars are fraudulently accessed annually in the U.S., and the bulk of this happens when an online hacker obtains username and password information to account access.

A secure (and hard to guess) password is the best first line of defense.

Cookies stored in your device are actually the second line of defense and provide an extra layer of protection for someone who may not have a password established that is a challenge for a hacker to guess.

Continually being asked to retrieve a Secure Access Code?

You may be repeatedly asked to obtain a Secure Access Code to login (even from a registered device). There are two reasons this may be happening: (1) Chances are that your browser is currently set to reject all cookies, and that means you would always have to put in a Secure Access Code. You can easily check the browser settings to “allow cookies”. (2) Your device must be set to keep the cookie. Certain anti-virus or PC cleaning programs will run regularly and delete all cookies from your computer. There is an option to protect certain “trusted cookies” so that they are not deleted. The cookie you want to protect is from secure.adviacu.org.

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